Description: An easy, joyful rhythmic electronic music for children projects, funny commercials and everything that needs to get a quirky funny mood.

Description: Delicate combination of vibraphone and glockenspiel for restful sleep. Mom put in the cradle and sings a lullaby.

Description: The seven dwarfs are on the way to Snow White. Funny track with catchy melodies for a happy mood.

Description: Fast Silly, fun Organ, Trumpet Circus

Description: This song is driven by a rhythym piano riff and a jazzy guitar, backing a whistling melody with other various instruments including some vocal ooohs at the end. A little bit sparse and old timey feel, a real toe tapper! This song evokes optimistic and positive feelings, and has a folksy, down to earth, fun feel.

Description: A euphoric yet controlled artsy sounding tune that warms the heart immediately, featuring electric piano, piano, acoustic guitar and a fun ukulele.

Description: Funny and bouncy song with catchy melody and some tuned vocals. Happy mood for comedy, children themes and much more.

Description: A very easy going, quirky and relaxed swing tune with a hint of an unknown future, the perfect soundtrack for an adventure featuring tuba, ukulele, marimba, steel drums African kalimba.

Description: "Having Fun" is a cheerful and carefree track. It suits well good mood and joyful projects, commercials, presentations etc. Check out also the 60 and 30 seconds cuts! Thank you for listening!

Description: Fun, Odd, bouncy, quirky instrumental with a catchy human whistle.