Description: Positive music track with catchy melody. Being bright, upbeat and sunny, it will go well with commercial, family video, presentation Guitar, piano, bells, drums and brass sound fun and elevetae mood.

Description: An upbeat piece full of life, fun and youthful energy with a playful marimba, guitars and drums. Great not just as a representation of a newfound joy in learning and discovering the world around us, but also for any positively oriented (for instance 'happy children playing') content.

Description: A funny and very playful track. great for funny scenes, cartoons, humour scenes, parody and comical films and many more. moods: childish, silly, sweet, amusing, idiotic, fatty, dumb, sneaky, lazy, cute. orchestrated with pizzicato strings, staccato tuba, clarinet and some percussion.

Description: This is a very stylish, clean commercial advertising Happy Children Party Dance Positive Background 60s loop with smooth motivational sound and beautiful inspiring bright mood, which include soft filter synths solo, orhan and pad, electronic drums, bells, etc…This celebratory track can be used as a music, background for corporate websites, kids slideshows, business, cheerful joyful news video, festive presentation promo youtube video…Enjoy! 60s, advertising, background, background music, beginning, bouncy, bright, business, calm, cheerful happy, children, commercial, corporate, corporate background, easy, eerie, festive, game, groovy, happy, happy logo, holiday, inspirational, inspiring, intro, kids, light, logo, motivational, music, opener, opening, optimistic, positive, positive background, positive music, powerful, presentation, rhythmic, rising, short, smooth, soft, sweet, travel, upbeat, uplifting, video, video game, looping, fast

Description: This is very positive and fun, happy corporate children game whistle music track for your original projects with exciting sound and beautiful motivational joyful mood, which include different bright upbeat instuments – ukulele chords, synth solo, bells, live bass, drums, fx, pad etc…This track can be used anywhere – as a music, background for commercial websites, in flash children games and movies, comedy films, business presentations and projects, podcasts, slideshows, news, telecasts…adventure, advertising, background, background music, birthday, bright, celebrate, celebration, cheerful, children, christmas, comedy, commercial, corporate, dance, energetic, fun, funny, game, good mood, happiness, happy, happy logo, holiday, hopeful, inspirational, intro, kids, lively, motivational, music, opening, optimistic, peaceful, positive, presentation, promo, rhythmical, short, slideshow, smile, success, successful, travel, upbeat, uplifting, video, video game, website, fast

Description: Ideal for slide show, children game or education programms, fun and joke scene also when happy kids

Description: Warm, sweet, joyful, positive, childhood, nature and summer inspired track, influenced by folk, country and indie pop music. It features lively acoustic strumming guitars, arpeggios, bass, drums, organ and the fantastic xylopiano, an imaginary instrument for creative, harmonious and playful children.

Description: To create this cheerful music track we combined vintage musical instruments like organ, electronic piano, old synthesizer and modern electronic rhythm. Bright and joyful, the piece can suit any project including mobile application, cartoon, commercial.

Description: Happy, joyful and cheerful music featuring ukulele, piano, guitars and other instruments. Perfect for kids fun video, presentation and positive projects.

Description: Playful bright uplifting music track that can accompany any of your peojects. Drums and synth create good positive mood . Can be used in mobile application, cartoon, commertcial, etc.