Description: Perfect children's music track, filled with piano, pizzicato strings, cymbals and flutes.

Description: Guitar, accordion, flute, piccolo, percussions, contra bass in a very funny track built on a C scale. Happy and cheerful instrumental, perfect for advertising use where children and family are the main characters. Also perfect for children TV shows or TV channels. 60sec - 30sec versions available

Description: Background track for children apps games on PC or phone entertaining and instructive game for young children

Description: A fun, kid-friendly track, perfect for any show, commercial or other media moment.

Description: Happy and joyful ukulele song with claps. Suitable for all happy, joyful and motivational themes

Description: Easy going, happy-go-lucky, stroll out in the sunshine on a little adventure. Ever moving forward at a steady pace. Features lead flute with organ, keyboards, synthesizer and light percussion. Great underscore for Children's TV, cartoons, light comedy, radio and television commercials. Main, 60sec, 30sec and sting

Description: Fun cheerful music track perfect for any children's media.

Description: A happy, clappy music track, full of fun and sunshine!

Description: Grow Up My Mind cheerful melody

Description: Happy cheerful melody for children