Description: A cute and light woodwind track featuring flute, bassoon and oboe.

Description: Kitsch Comedic Childlike Without Sound Effects

Description: Childlike Carefree Dreamy Relaxed Peaceful Warm

Description: Childlike Zany Positive Western Playful No Vocal

Description: Jumpy Active Bold Bouncy Charming Fun Happy Energetic

Description: Childlike Repetitive Humorous

Description: Specialty, Comedy, Cartoon, Game Show, Sports, Confident, Proud, Prestigious, Positive, in a Playful mood, featuring Organ, Brass, with a Free tempo

Description: This piece works well for presentations directed at children and involving video games. It is meant to excite the audience in a light-hearted manner. For this reason, this piece also works for an adult audience and for non-serious presentations that need.

Description: The marimba and piano (pianomarimb file) immediately bring to mind cartoon characters moving across the floor, stopping for an instant and then moving again with their twinkle toes. The drum roll and the brass create a marching effect. This piece is ideal.