Description: Tricky and funny little track with many lovely and surprising turns for a variety of scenarios with fun and playful moods: tricky video games, romantic comedy, family drama films, cartoons. It also has a light, bouncy and positive feel with a whimsical, quirky and mischievous touch. The tuba and bassoon combo is great for pirate adventures.

Description: Light, happy, and opitimistic ensmable instrumental with feelings of a whimsical, quirky, charming and curious little story. Great for video games with fun and bright adventures or children stories on TV. Lively and cartoonish tales with playing children. Playful, uplifting and cute. Funny jumpy animals and joyful scenerey. Platform & flash games.

Description: A funny music piece with violins and piano - it sounds like a hectic easter bunny hides easter eggs and is suddenly disappeared. This song fits perfect for comics and cartoons.

Description: A positive, uplifting, cheerful and sunny track with happy ukulele, piano, guitars and a feel-good groove. Perfect for commercials and advertising, brand identity, YouTube videos, corporate presentations, motivational projects, kids projects and more.

Description: Quirky, warm and friendly unusual track composed for commercials. Features synthesized voice effects in a staccato rhythmic style. Really stand out from the crowd with this track. Great for health, children, family products and services. 60sec & 30sec versions

Description: Silly, quirky and jolly theme for tiny tots. Small children will love this unusual novelty track, as it features 'raspberry' and vocal percussion sounds as the rhythm along with jolly synth sounds. Great for pre-school TV channels, cartoons or childrens fun activities. Lots of mixes & stings

Description: Zany, jolly and bouncy children's theme. Very lively, energetic and lots of fun, great for kids crazy march, fast movement activity and running around. Features modern synth sounds, xylophone, trumpet, drums. Perfect theme for tiny tots TV programmes as various cuts, mixes and stings provided.

Description: This is a happy Nursery Rhyme Ideal for Toddlers , Kids and Music Box

Description: Christmas tree is a symbol of Christmas and a new year, a symbol of the holiday anticipation and joy

Description: This is a very happy traditional Christmas song. Ideal for kids, nursery and music box