Description: Playful and quirky featuring tuba and flute in and a polka feel with elements of folk create a whimsical and humorous mood.

Description: A happy, motivational and cheerful acoustic track with a catchy glockenspiel melody over an uplifting groove, fun hand claps and an upbeat vibe. Perfect instrumental background music for videos, commercials and advertising, YouTube videos, corporate presentations and more.

Description: Easy and light song with piano, acoustic guitars, glockenspiel and organ. Friendly mood for many successful projects.

Description: Fun and happy storytelling music for kids. Flutes and cheerful melodies that create a magical atmosphere.

Description: A cheeky little ukulele tune with a happy whistling melody. It expresses a care free mood of not a worry in the world. This would be suited to your t.v commercials, youtube video, children programs, or a creative visual project needing that little sparkle and fun loving vibes.

Description: A well crafted masterpiece that is a mixture of enchanting ferrytale and sophisticated comedy. Featuring jazz organ, celesta, sting section, piano and finger snaps. A must for a game or a comedy

Description: A fun version of this classic children's song that is sure to please. The full version has singing and the edited version is instrumental.

Description: Happy little tune with live accordion, flutes and orchestral background. Great for the carnival.

Description: This is a sweet and catchy instrumental pop track intended for corporate and marketing use with a pleasant melody, ukulele and acoustic guitars, bass, drums, prcussion and glockenspiel.

Description: A very quirky yet beautiful waltz filled with naïve energy and desires featuring electric piano, alto flute, electric bass, acoustic guitar, steel drums, mandolin, muted trumpet, drums and percussion.