Description: Fun and lively childrens track, featuring silly trumpets, banjos and crazy synthetic instruments to create a playful, silly, circus style feel. Very useful for comedy, animation, animal comedy and childrens projects.

Description: Quirky trumpet and electronic retro organ creates a funny playful melody featuring an array of comical sound effects suggesting a clown performance on stage or in a show. Very useful music for scenes of humour, or to imply a quirky, joking style fun element to your project.

Description: Playful upbeat glockenspiel and chirpy xylophone provides happy, cheerful and joyful animation or childrens theme featuring bouncy, catchy oboe and magical synths. Useful background track for use with animal themes, comic or cartoon purposes with a slight mischievous edge.

Description: Slow dreamy strings in the background with crisp glockenspiel notes create a sweet pleasant, light, floating style atmospheric scene. Very sweet and innocent with hints of emotional and cuteness. Suggests cute kids or childrens theme, with sweet pleasant chimes.

Description: Loving and simplistic playful kids piece implying beauty and happiness featuring guitar, strings and sweet instrumental flute phrases. Very useful for Children's or educational purposes.

Description: Various horns and synths combine with strings and sax to create a fast and busy scene, which could be useful for kids or comedy theme. Certain elements of synths and glockenspiel suggest fast electronic movement and computer game type sound effects.

Description: Light childrens tune with bubbly melody, suggesting playful activity. Fragile middle boasts cheerpy percussion and electric piano.

Description: Bright, breezy children's tune with joyous cascading xylophone melody and silly, slurred retro synthesizer. Suitable for kids media/cartoons.

Description: Uplifting piano and happy finger clicks combine to create an energetic, feel good melody designed to provide a joyful sense of friendship and happiness. The track works well for toddler, baby or childrens educational theme or advertisements.

Description: A sweet and magical theme ideal for toddler or baby style project. The melody is easy and cute with a slight dreamy loving feel to it. Also useful for animal themes for puppy or kitten etc.