Description: This is a sweet and catchy instrumental pop track intended for corporate and marketing use with a pleasant melody, ukulele and acoustic guitars, bass, drums, prcussion and glockenspiel.

Description: a light-hearted comedy piece with simple rhythm, peaceful, curious and innocent mood.

Description: A very easy going, quirky and relaxed swing tune with a hint of an unknown future, the perfect soundtrack for an adventure featuring tuba, ukulele, marimba, steel drums African kalimba.

Description: Chirpy flute, joyful piano and sweet bells create a cute, friendly theme useful for children's music or animal theme. The melody very delicate and innocent, creating a loving atmosphere with many sweet climax's.

Description: Fast Silly, fun Organ, Trumpet Circus

Description: playful, jumpy kids piece with silly muted trumpet phrases. Bubbly cheerful melody on xylophone.

Description: Featuring a simple acoustic melody, this song is all about being cheerful and bouncy. This would be perfect for a presentation that requires a childlike and innocent feel – it’s very fun and upbeat!

Description: Pizzicato, cello, muted trumpet and Piano combine to create a typical cartoon style track which resembles a character or day to day scene progressing.

Description: Happy Go Lucky, steady, shuffle style theme. Ideal for Slapstick, children, cartoon. Various cuts and mixes available

Description: Children, Western, Western, Happy, Fun, Feel Good, Bouncy, Cheery, Childlike, in a Happy, Fun, Playful mood, featuring Drums, Guitar, Whistle, with a Mid tempo