Description: In this track, tender piano sadness turns into a carefree synth joy. A unique background for the video or slideshow with the kids.

Description: Joyful catchy music track for various children projects, commercials, animations, movies. This summer piece gives you carefree optimistic mood. The track was created with drums, guitars, bass, claps, piano, accordion and synths.

Description: Fun and playful song. Drums, guitars, xylophone and celesta with a rhythm that catches you and invites you to have fun. Ideal as background funny pictures, humor or children.

Description: Orchestral children music, positive and uplifting. Very motivational. Available versions: Full track, 1min, 30sec, loop 1 and loop 2.

Description: Happy Childhood - is happy, funny, friendly, joyful, upbeat, children, positive, bright and beautiful music. Its has optimistic, happy, glad, smiling, baby, lovely mood and feelings. Great for any children, kids, baby videos, cartoons, kids and child tv show opener/intro/outro, tutorials, education videos and lessons, child, kids, baby home videos, summer adventures, happy children movies, playing toys, child toys, any advertising, background, commercial, business, corporate, upbeat, child advertising, children playground, child, kids, baby slideshow, presentation of toys, child and kids adventures and much more happy, optimistic and positive videos with children, kids and babies.

Description: Funny Positive - is Bright, Optimistic, Motivational, Corporate theme. The mood is very positive and you would sing it all day))) Perfect for corporate projects, as well as anything else where happiness and smiling is involved!

Description: “Upbeat And Fun” is a bright, joyful, upbeat acoustic track for underscoring any TV ad or YouTube video that is happy, sunny and positive. Great for use with imagery of spring or summer, family, children, happiness, celebration, vacation and more:)

Description: This is a very positive, fun and energetic upbeat music item with acoustic sound! !!! At 1:36 funny vocalise !!!

Description: Happy, cheerful, motivational song with ukulele, glockenspiel, piano, whistle & uplifting shuffle drums. Great for use in happy, uplifting and fun scenes:)

Description: "Sweet Dream" is warm and soft musical piece. Suits perfectly for meditation, wellness spa, healing speeches, audio books, satsang or just a calm soothing background music in any media production.