Description: Bright positive background music, creating a joyful atmosphere and uplifting.

Description: Uplifting and positive track with cheer up playful whistle,excellent for family video, comedy, websites, youtube projects, background and many more.

Description: Sentimental, positive and acoustic music with guitars, ukulele, percussion and whistle. You can make easily cuts of 30 seconds, if you wish to use this childish piece for TV adverts, holiday videos, or radio jingles.

Description: The mood is very positive and you would sing it all day. Use it in your commercials, corporate trailer and video.

Description: Good motivated item with acoustic sound! Acoustic guitar, bells, and whistlewill give you a positive tune ;)

Description: This track is perfect for providing a joyful, up tempo vibe for your project.

Description: It is finally winter time! Why not make a snowman? The track created right mood for it. This cheeful composition can be a great background for children commecrial or application. Also good for Christmas and New Year projects. Fun and happy. The instruments here are synths, drums, bass and piano.

Description: Quirky arrangement of ukuleles, guitar, percussion, jaw harp and organ suggested to underscore scenes of comedy, irreverence and care-free leisure.

Description: Retro style for Halloween party. Rhythm and sound effects for a festive and scary environment

Description: If you are tired of cold and want summer heat. Want smiling sunlight, then this cute the music will lift your spirits and help you get back in summer. A light catchy tune fun, uplifting and forces white to show his smile. In this happy track sound: playful acoustic guitar, folk balalaika plays solo, supported by light metalion, bass positive keeps the rhythm, fingers fun is clicked, shaker rustles, summer the sand on the beach. In the climax appears the choir atmospheric, it conveys the mood of warmth and kindness and friendship. In the second part appear the folk drums, they add more movement and summer fun. This music will create the perfect summer the mood in any movie. Smile more! Summer will be back)