Description: Wheels turning or assembly lines moving immediately come to mind when listening to this piece. It is whimsical in nature and light-hearted and easy on the ears. Presentations involving manufacturing or communication would benefit well from this tune.

Description: The melody in this piece carried by the marimba and horns is the ideal kids' melody. Images of a fun house or kids hopping and skipping come to mind. This piece lends itself well to presentations involving children's entertainment and learning.

Description: This happy tune has a simple rhythm and several percussion effects making it ideal as an unobtrusive background track for light presentations. Animated characters could easily be associated with this piece or even with each instrument in this piece, worki.

Description: The marimba and piano (pianomarimb file) immediately bring to mind cartoon characters moving across the floor, stopping for an instant and then moving again with their twinkle toes. The drum roll and the brass create a marching effect. This piece is ideal.

Description: This wacky piece is great for humorous presentations. It is frantic and has a multi-dimensional effect, traveling sideways, upside down and diagonally. The marimba provides the humorous element. This sound captures aurally the chaos and franticness of not.

Description: This piece has somewhat of a dance beat and is very light-hearted. The bass line gives it lots of energy and the Electric file sounds a lot like a horn of a car. Presentations requiring an energetic sound would benefit well from this piece.

Description: This mellow and light piece has shades of Caribbean music. It is ideal for almost any non-serious presentation that is intended to relax the audience and possibly get them to act spontaneously.

Description: This delightful and funny tune depicts in sound what the old Monty Python comedy group depicted in skits and movies. Combined with the right visuals, this tune could work perfectly to evoke sarcasm, wit, light-heartedness and the clumsy side of humanity.

Description: Quiet now as we tiptoe into someplace where we ought not be. This jazzy music is fitting of a mischievous cartoon character or a humorous scene with someone drunk. The lines in this piece are lazy and slurred as they move to the beat of the cymbal. The mu.

Description: This tune depicts innocence through its happy mood and light, airy instrumentation. It's perfect for use with themes that evoke playfulness.