Description: A simple, cute and playful track that expresses the innocense of being a kid.

Description: Merry music for children's video presentations, advertising, background for the cartoon and everything related to children.

Description: positive,exploring theme for children's programs or websites.

Description: Happy, Upbeat and Optimistic track featuring Ukulele, Hand Claps, Piano, Bass, Drums and Bells. Uplifting and Motivating composition perfect for commercials, adverts, promos, presentations, corporate use and productions for children.

Description: Fun music track for children projects: applications, video games, cartoons, tv or radio programs. The playful music track creates positive atmosphere, it is childlike and enthusiastic. This bouncy happy piece is created with drums, piano, bass and synths.

Description: a light-hearted comedy piece with simple rhythm and playful mood.

Description: Playful glock with comedy brass and tinkling percussion, great undesrcore to accompany a comedy visual

Description: Bouncy buoyant celebratory cheeky cheerful childish delighted flirtatious friendly frisky fun happy innocent joyful lively magical playful silly uplifting wholesome friendly happy go lucky bouncy cheerful.

Description: Instrumental track with positive melodies and a happy vibe. It can be used as soundtrack in media productions related to happiness, family, pets, children, fun or any project that requires uplifting background music. This track loops seamlessly.