Description: a traditional american song of the south; sung by kids.

Description: an american traditional, classic, song; sung by kids, with simple accompaniment.

Description: Children, Humor, Comedic, Mysterious, Automated, Electronic, in a Humorous mood, featuring Synth, Piano, Woodwinds, Bells, with a Mid tempo

Description: an american variation on a traditional american song; sung by kids.

Description: This track has a fun, silly, hectic feel and uses accordion, percussion, and whistle sounds. This music would work well for an animated show.

Description: Circus, Comedy, Fun, Humor, Excited, Comedic, Carnival, in a Fun, Exciting, Energetic, Happy, Playful mood, featuring Drums, Synth, Banjo, with a Mid tempo

Description: positive,exploring theme for children's programs or websites.

Description: The "Flea Waltz" (German: Der Flohwalzer) is a simple piano piece, often one of the first learned. A simple arrangement of the "Flea Waltz" in G-flat major It is known all over the world. According to an article by Hiromi Oketani in the Osaka Shoin Women's College Annual for 1994, it is known in Japan as Neko Funjatta, in Spain as La Chocolatera, in the Netherlands as Vlooienmars (Flea March), in Belgium as Valse de Puce (Flea Waltz), in Russia as Sobachiy Val's (Собачий Вальс, Dog Waltz), in Poland as Kotlety (Cutlet), in Bulgaria as Koteshki Marsh (Cat March). In the United Kingdom, the melody is known as Chopsticks. While the German name suggests a waltz, the piece is not one, as it has 2/4 time signature. A waltz is always in triple meter, with a time signature such as 3/4 or 3/8. The 2/4 time signature suggests a polka, but it can also be played as a march. The mood is funny, happy, joyful and optimistic The composer is unknown.

Description: Great composition, which is perfect for games or video.