Description: odd, unusual, silly, humorous,

Description: Humor Comedic Active Driving Fun Happy Whimsical

Description: Comedic Quirky Sassy Whimsical Fun Humor Light Playful

Description: Bouncy Comedic Childlike Humor Mellow Laid Back Positive

Description: Bouncy Childlike Simple Radiant Light Playful Fast Tempo

Description: Happy Positive Childlike Fun Bouncy Humorous

Description: Dreamy Tender Reflective Sensitive Alternate Instrumentation

Description: Childlike Happy Fun Exciting Energetic

Description: Sweet, peaceful glockenspiel notes added with and a hint of string instrumentation creates childrens bedtime style piece suggesting sleep or quietness.

Description: Children, Monotonous, Light, Carefree, Childlike, Positive, Repetitive, Simple, Feel Good, Fun, Gentle, Happy, Humor, in a Fun mood, featuring Guitar, Electric, with a Fast tempo