Description: Comedy, Comedy-Light Hearted, Comedy-Cartoon, Comedy-Slapstick, Adventure, Happy, Humor, Bouncy, Funky, Fun, Traveling, in a Adventurous, Fun, Positive, Exciting, Happy mood, featuring Synth, Drums, Electronic, Guitar, Electric, with a Mid tempo

Description: Children, Rock, Muzak, Fun, Positive, Happy, Bouncy, Childlike, Heavy, Aggressive, Funky, in a Fun, Playful, Positive, Aggressive mood, featuring Drums, Electronic, Electric, Synth, Bass, Piano, Guitar, Sax, with a Mid tempo

Description: lullaby with melody or melody alone look for other files pb1&2.

Description: lullaby with melody or melody alone look for other files pb1&2.

Description: happy and easy track for your commercial project

Description: Mysterious Harp phrases are played throughout accompanied by strings and flute which play over a medium paced skippy beat. A Pleasant melody with hints of freedom and happiness flowing throughout suggest a joyful journey or travelling.

Description: med silly, fun xylophone, clarinet

Description: Fun and quirky happy instrumental background music with a whistle and glockenspiel melody over ukulele, clapping, xylophon, guitars and percussion. Ideal for tutorials and explainer videos, animation, advertising and everything that needs a happy upbeat instrumental background track.

Description: Easy going, cheerful and happy children music track. It features melodious flute and guitar lines, goofy percussion and banjo and other funny musical elements. This track fits great as a comedy or cartoon backdrop. This piece is ideal as a background for small computer game and can be easily looped! Please notice that all of my tracks are registered with YouTube Content ID, which protects my content against illegal usage.

Description: Cheerful music that conveys the mood of carefree frolicking children. Great for your optimistic project