Description: Humor Comedic Childlike Carefree Whimsical Crazy

Description: This is a straight ahead, moderately paced tune with a happy, positive and hopeful feel. Driven by acoustic guitars fingerpicked and backed by a piano, this song moves along with a steady and unobtrusive feel, designed to be used for background music for any application looking for a cheerful and successful emotion.

Description: Rock, Rock-Soft Rock, Specialty, Children, Cheery, Pleasant, Positive, Fun, Happy, Hi Energy, Uplifting, Struttin, Feel Good, in a Exciting, Happy, Playful mood, featuring Bass, Percussion, Synth, Strings, Vocals, Group, Drums, Steel, with a Mid tempo

Description: Children, Circus, Comedy, Comedy-Cartoon, Humor, Comedic, Fun, Whimsical, Cheery, Quirky, Jumpy, Happy, Childlike, Bouncy, Crazy, Slapstick, Active, Chase, Frenzied, Zany, Vibrant, in a Humorous, Fun, Playful mood, featuring Synth, Percussion, with a Fast, Mid tempo

Description: Children, Circus, Comedy, Comedy-Cartoon, Humor, Comedic, Childlike, Carefree, Whimsical, Crazy, Frantic, Frenzied, Fun, Happy, Zany, Wild, Vibrant, Rambunctious, Quirky, Jumpy, in a Fun, Happy, Humorous, Playful mood, featuring Synth, with a Fast tempo

Description: Exceptional music artistry celebrating the phenomenal wonders and marvelous delights of the circus arts. Enjoy a fantastic orchestral journey to a fascinating realm filled with acrobats, clowns, jugglers, bizarre beings and masterful performers.

Description: Children, Bouncy, Bright, Childlike, Simple, Repetitive, Radiant, Positive, Light, Feel Good, Fun, Happy, Humor, in a Fun mood, featuring Keyboard, Drums, with a Mid tempo

Description: Unusual music track with changing melody. Starting from kind of cartoon tune, it transforms into dance music track and than changes again. Cheerful and optimistic, it will sound especially good in application, commercial, videogame. Carefree happy music for your wonderful projects. The main instruments here are drums, bass, guitars, brass, woods and synths.

Description: Uplifting piano and happy finger clicks combine to create an energetic, feel good melody designed to provide a joyful sense of friendship and happiness. The track works well for toddler, baby or childrens educational theme or advertisements.