Description: Rock, Rock-Pop, Children, Light, Campy, Childlike, Positive, Pleasant, Feel Good, Fun, Gentle, Happy, Warm, in a Energetic, Happy, Positive mood, featuring Bass, Drums, Synth, with a Mid tempo

Description: Children, Circus, Comedy, Comedy-Cartoon, Humor, Comedic, Childlike, Carefree, Whimsical, Crazy, Frantic, Frenzied, Fun, Happy, Zany, Wild, Vibrant, Rambunctious, Quirky, Jumpy, in a Fun, Happy, Humorous, Playful mood, featuring Synth, with a Fast tempo

Description: Happy and bright, TV for children, fairy tale. Meadows, sunshine and wild and nice animals. Little children playing in the sun. Great for TV and film for children or cartoons. Whimsical, Playful and uplifting. Forest, valley, grass, jumping, bouncing, girl, flowers, house, adventure, love, dress, tale, story.

Description: A careless cute and simple tune. Very positive and playful. Great for cartoons. Featuring Fender Rhodes, woodwinds and pizzicato strings.

Description: Funny, joyful, inspiring, dynamic, upbeat & playful track featuring glockenspiel, ukulele, acoustic guitar, piano, bells and happy clappin ! Fresh melodies and good vibes for your future projects :)

Description: “Baby Time” is a fun and happy song with ukulele, acoustic guitar, clapping, glockenspiel and percussion. Perfect for background music for TV, radio, YouTube video, game and web site. Archive includes quality mp3 and wave files

Description: This Happy background music track includes piano, bells, acoustic guitar and a upbeat drum beat with hand clapping claps to give it that modern cheerful and positive tv advertising commercial sound that is popular today on TV and Youtube Videos. This playful, fun, and energetic fast tempo instrumental will give your presentation the happy and cheerful vibe you are looking for.

Description: An upbeat piece full of life, fun and youthful energy with a playful marimba, guitars and drums. Great not just as a representation of a newfound joy in learning and discovering the world around us, but also for any positively oriented (for instance 'happy children playing') content.

Description: This cheerful and energetic track is suitable for various projects and advertisements which include children, and also it can go with any other entertaining projects.