Description: A fun, sunny track, full of joy and life. Perfect for games, background music, TV, YouTube, slide show, web, promotion, radio.

Description: This is an uplifting corporate / motivational track using ukulele, piano, drums, bass, bells, claps and synth sounds. It is very catchy and feel good and would be good for tv, film, advert, presentations and games.

Description: The rhythmic and cheerful children's song

Description: Humerous circus-style track with piano, percussion, tuba and woodwinds. Comical and fun.

Description: “A Summer Day” Upbeat & inspiring corporate motivational and positive pop track with ukulele, piano and bells. This track may also work particularly well in combination with a voice over.

Description: "Happy Children" Upbeat, inspiring, corporate, motivational, bouncy & joyful track featuring whistle, ukulele, piano, guitars, glockenspiel and bells.

Description: funny circus clown melody in two parts, the second part contains samples from the cartoons

Description: Happy instrumental tune evoking the sense of childlike innocence, playfulness and fabulous adventure. Atmospheric vibe. Light, bright, invigorating feel. Joyful, lively, uplifting mood. Simple, catchy melody. Vivid harmonies. Straightforward, groovy rhythm. Recommended as a musical theme or background for cartoons, children’s films and TV or radio programs, comedies, video games, commercials and more.

Description: Bright summer melody for games, applications or podcasts. Give your project more character with this positive bouncy track.

Description: Bright, light-hearted and warm theme for children with strong logo. Playful summer days, blue skies, fluffy white clouds in golden meadows. Ideal for children's theme, TV music, adverts and commercials for children's products or healthy products and foods. With commercial legth cuts and underscores