Description: A happy African track with pretty flute melodies, sanza bells, hand percussion and kalimba.

Description: very positif track with drum, bass, and synthé and different varitions

Description: Very funny composition for choir, piano, bells, human trumpet. Happy and easy

Description: A light romantic piece that feels fun and infectious.

Description: Dreamy instrumental with harp.

Description: positive track, uplifting and joyful mood

Description: A medium swing tune with a reggae feel full of sass and playfulness with electric piano, electric bass, alto flute, acoustic guitar, marimba and live drums.

Description: Specialty, Children, Ethnic, Ethnic-France, Airy, Alluring, Leisure, Laid Back, Light, Loose, Breathy, Bold, Moody, Charming, Childlike, Peaceful, Pleasant, Quaint, Delicate, Relaxed, Dreamy, Elegant, Simple, Esoteric, Expressive, Feel Good, Ethnic, Ethereal, Flowing, Fresh, Fun, Gentle, Tender, Wordly, Whimsical, Happy, in a Passive mood, featuring Vocals, Group, Chorus, with a Mid tempo

Description: thriller rock with humor, the snack attack is sneaking up on you....great for commercials!.

Description: Nice positive orchestral sounds children music with little kid (two years old) singing. Instrumental version also available.