Description: Funny track about kids destroying a kitchen in good old manner. Some decent noises of a flying cooking pot gives this piece the right mood.

Description: an anxious two-beat jazz tune with piano, guitar, bass, drums, accordion, mandolin, steel drums and marimba.

Description: Upbeat, feel good, acoustic guitar/piano

Description: A very quirky musette waltz with a melody that gradually gets wound up like an old wind-up toy that scoots across the floor then fizzles into motionlessness.

Description: a lullaby to sweeten the dreams of children.

Description: This is a positive, rhythmic, light-hearted music. The song turns the listener in a good mood and feel happy and joyful. Perfect for film or video requiring a cinematic music. Also great for a title sequence or movie trailer.

Description: a carefree and happy medium swing tune with piano, bass and guitar.

Description: Cute, playful, children's style piece with skippy piano and pizzicato strings melody over angelic voices. Has light, mechanical feel, percussion suggesting a background clock or time ticking by. Useful for pre-school presentations, advertising baby/children's products.

Description: New School instrumental featuring various brass and synths. Possible uses can range from euphoric scenes, web videos, trailers, etc.