Description: Upbeat acoustic song with happy feel and much positive emotions. Song made with acoustic guitars, ukulele and bright piano. If you need free customization of track, please feel free to contact me via profile page.

Description: An upbeat, optimistic and fun track featuring ukuleles, acoustic guitars, piano, hand claps, catchy glockenspiel lines and a mandolin and banjo backing, making it ideal for children's productions, commercial or corporate use.

Description: Charming and lovely, plinky plonky and playful, ideal for a small childrens or cartoon theme. Full mix, underscore, 30 and 08 sec versions available.

Description: This song is driven by a rhythym piano riff and a jazzy guitar, backing a whistling melody with other various instruments including some vocal ooohs at the end. A little bit sparse and old timey feel, a real toe tapper! This song evokes optimistic and positive feelings, and has a folksy, down to earth, fun feel.

Description: Positve acoustic theme with piano, acoustic guitars,saxophone and melodic percussion

Description: Bouncy, fun, quirky song with human whistle lead.

Description: a light-hearted comedy piece with simple rhythm and playful mood.

Description: Great summertime, bright & breezy, foot-tapping theme. Happy, jolly, carefree & melodic. Features strummed ukelele, tenor sax, vocal percussion, tuba & mute trumpet. Perfect for family, children, outdoor fun & frolicks. Main mix, underscore, 30sec & sting versions

Description: Fun, Odd, bouncy, quirky instrumental with a catchy human whistle.

Description: a quirky cartoon style ending sequence.

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