Description: Lighthearted Ukulele loop with whistling. Perfect for children. Or Advertising.

Description: Whimsical Halloween or horror music. Upbeat, fast and flowing Kooky parody of classic sixties TV comic horror themes. Features electronic organs, electric guitar, brass and electronic fx. Perfect for radio and television commercials for horror theme parks, childrens TV, comedy or parody. 60sec and 30sec full and no fx mixes

Description: This energetic cheerful music with a good happy mood, which contain guitar chords, live rock drums, bass and bells. This track is well suited if you are looking for an optimistic and cheerful music.

Description: Summer for children is the best happy holiday

Description: The sounds of a cheerful guitar and a beautiful piano are used. A joyful, festive track for children's holidays, corporate videos, commercials, films. The track conveys an optimistic mood, happiness, joy and carefree.

Description: Cheerful music that conveys the mood of carefree frolicking children. Great for your optimistic project

Description: Happy and sunny rhythmic track for childrens and family themes. Great for video, cartoons, advertising, tv show and more.

Description: Simple melodic crystal piano tune sounds like lullaby for short memorable animation.

Description: This is wicked squishy for any little snot to get into trouble to. It is rendered as a loop so the energy can last as long as the little rug rats can last

Description: Surffers is a happy fast track with happy positive mood which is made with synth. instruments. It's perfect for a game or a video on YouTube. The track conveys the mood of fairy tale and prepares a listener to meet something unusual.

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