Description: an anxious two-beat jazz tune with piano, guitar, bass, drums, accordion, mandolin, steel drums and marimba.

Description: an easy and relaxed jazz swing tune for the patient parent featuring piano, bass and guitar.

Description: a carefree and happy medium swing tune with piano, bass and guitar.

Description: a delightful reggae tune with synthesizers, bass, drums and animal sounds.

Description: A quirky and delightful orchestral tune with a very peaceful feel and interesting melody and harmony.

Description: A very purposeful and yet elegant orchestral tune full of determination.

Description: A warm and friendly song suitable for children of all ages with piano, guitar, electric bass and vibes.

Description: A euphoric yet controlled artsy sounding tune that warms the heart immediately, featuring electric piano, piano, acoustic guitar and a fun ukulele.

Description: A very quirky musette waltz with a melody that gradually gets wound up like an old wind-up toy that scoots across the floor then fizzles into motionlessness.

Description: A fun and moving children's tune with tuba, steel drums, flute, ukulele, electric piano and drum machine.

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