Description: Happy and upbeat Ukulele cue with hand claps and piano, simple, repetitive melody that stays with you. Bouncy and vibrant great for commercials and advertising music beds. Will sit well with a voice-over.

Description: Percussion and double bass work together to create a playful hide and seek melody, whoesome family values, good for commercial and advertising, vibrant, lively and cheeky will suit comedy underscore for kids/family TV

Description: Playful, light bouncy piano and orchestral strings work together to create a superb comedy music cue, would suit childrens TV and has many commercial/advertising uses. Perfect comedy underscore for wholesome family fun. Late introduction of brass for a rump a pump visual joke! Instrumental, Childrens Music, Children s Instrumentals

Description: Playful glock with comedy brass and tinkling percussion, great undesrcore to accompany a comedy visual

Description: Light hearted comedy underscore for family fun... Perfect for animation Baby's day out, the cue uses brass and strings to create a warm melody that will make you smile. Wholesome family values and visions of suburbia, Home made apple pie, great for short films and TV as well as commercial/corporate, Instrumental, Childrens Music, Childrens Instrumentals

Description: Fantastic retro jazz tune, think Peter Sellers in the Pink Panther, Spies and espionage, game of cat and mouse. Double bass and brass, this cue has so many uses from comedy underscore to commercial product advertising. Will add a touch of light hearted fun to any visual. Instrumental, Action Music, Action Theme RnB Retro Kitsch

Description: Playful little jazz tune, retro slapstick comedy charactor, perfect for comedy underscore will suit advertising and commercial uses, the vibe is light and uplifting, Good wholesome family fun. Cue has quite a mischievous vibe, Great underscore for comedy charactor or comedy sketch, very nostalgic

Description: Happy, upbeat African style music cue, very happy and joyful, full of good vibe

Description: Happy ukulele cue, great underscore for web ad commercial or corporate promos, will work as a music bed for children’s multimedia and products as has a light hearted, simple feel good vibe.

Description: Elegant rendition of Tchaikovsky's classic Christmas music, from the Nutcracker's Suite. A simple enchanting magical classical melody, great for Christmas and holiday parties, warm family, children dancing, opening gifts, playing with toys. Mischievous, playful quirky waltz. Special, much beloved

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