Description: Dreamy and Bright children ambient music. A peaceful and ethereal dream music. Perfect for dreamy scene, fantasy scenes, tender love soundtrack, hopeful and gentle emotions in film, TV, commercial regarding babies and young children. A strong emphasis for fairy tale, lullaby, warm playful moments, good night sleep. Also for mobile, kids applications underscore.

Description: Happy sweet celebratory classical cue. ideal for hopeful orchestral oriented advertising, presentations and promotions. Cheerful, uplifting and positive symphonic underscore featuring pizzicato violins, glockenspiel, staccato strings and woman choir. Quirky and optimistic for festive beginning.

Description: Dreamy and mellow, ambient children music with bells, organ and percussion. Optimistic and playful fairy tale underscore. Midtempo childish fun time love. Ethereal, peaceful, playful and sweet. Also best for bedtime stories background, cartoon, hopeful and light.

Description: Soft and uplifting, joyful and tender childtren music. With light Celeste and quirky percussion. Mellow, loving and sweet.