Description: A melodious chill-out track followed by mallets, bells, pads, strings and violins, piano, guitar and beats. Fits with all types of projects, bright/uplift advertising, corporate production/presentation and much more.

Description: An easy listening chillout track followed by synth. Suitable for all types of children projects and much more.

Description: Comical, whimsical, slightly clumsy character, a funny hip-hop + R&B track featuring With cold R&B guitars bass line, and funny Piano. Funny tune with a clumsy, awkward feel that will make you laugh. Suitable for many types of fun projects, advertisements, Kids entertainment, teen comedy, Cartoon Animations and more.

Description: This is a new age hip-hop track followed by e-paino, synth, sequences and beats. Suitable for children projects, advert, commercials and many types of projects.

Description: A Smooth and motivational Piano Pop piece perfect for Corporate presentations and any other internet or multi-media project. Delicate, mellow, gentle, swirling, flowing, elegant, tranquil, gliding, airy, watery, aquatic, travel, fashion, prestige, status. Building nicely to a cascading climax.