Description: Comical, quirky track with a happy-go-lucky Country Twist. Great for comedy or children's use.

Description: Energetic, comedic, lively Latin piece with piano, flute and groovy drum beat. Great for humorous and children's use.

Description: Quirky upbeat track - great for children's or comedy use!

Description: Happy-go-lucky children's piece with comical, quirky instrumentation.

Description: Comical film score piece with quirky arrangements

Description: Comedic Blues track with cool flowing groove. Upbeat, energetic and fun.

Description: Innocent piece with bells, percussion, piano and strings. Childish, sweet and pure atmosphere.

Description: Humerous children's tune with quirky instrumentation

Description: Happy-go-lucky track with quirky, uplifting instrumentation. Great for children's use, or anything requiring carefree, light-hearted music. Comical, simple and fun!

Description: Humerous track with quirky, comical orchestration. Great for children's scene or animation

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