Description: shaker and cymbal swell scene change

Description: A fast and fun cheesy track with organ and clean electric guitar lines. reat energy and pace!

Description: This is a simple and sweet instrumental rendition of the Itsy Bitsy Spider with piano, percussion and vibraphone repeated multiple times, but kept interesting with multiple key changes and a slowed down ending.

Description: A fun and comedic solo tuba track with great pace and movement.

Description: Silly, quirky and jolly theme for tiny tots. Small children will love this unusual novelty track, as it features 'raspberry' and vocal percussion sounds as the rhythm along with jolly synth sounds. Great for pre-school TV channels, cartoons or childrens fun activities. Lots of mixes & stings

Description: Wacky sounding instrumental with acoustic drums, piano and electronic synths. Begins with drum break moving right into a simple but loose and catchy melody. Useful to underscore kids playing around, adults acting silly or playtime at the park. Commercial advertisement for kids products. (loop and full edit available)

Description: dramatic, dark strings, heavy percussion hit at end

Description: sci-fi, action, synth pad with big percussion hit

Description: A fun and upbeat track highlighted by congas and retro organ. Instantly adds fun and energy.

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