Description: A happy, feel good pop song that will make you smile. Young lovers walking in the park or on the beach. Playful frolicking, children's show or video game. Springtime summertime fashion show. Best friends spending time together. Hanging out having fun, goofing off, being silly sunshine carnival party

Description: A very quirky , funny tune , imagine a funny character , perhaps a lost tourist in an unfamiliar country getting in to all sorts of troble walking the foreign streets

Description: A happy, positive and uplifting track with ukelele, banjo, mandolin and various other acoustic instruments that create a warm, friendly down-home sound. A perfect compliment to bright sunny days, rural scenes, shots of the countryside, nature and all things wholesome.

Description: A medium swing tune with a reggae feel full of sass and playfulness with electric piano, electric bass, alto flute, acoustic guitar, marimba and live drums.

Description: A delightful and fun gypsy jazz tune with piano, marimba, acoustic guitar, flute and acoustic bass.

Description: A very easygoing and relaxed jazz swing tune with piano, acoustic guitar, acoustic bass and drums with brushes.

Description: A bright and energetic Gypsy jazz swing tune with acoustic guitar, acoustic bass, ukulele, drums and marimba.

Description: Fits for many projects documentary,corporative,movies,web.

Description: This music is a playful blend of lighthearted adventure and pure happiness. The bell rhythms are tender and innocent while the vocal synth screams fun. This music is great for video games, animation, children productions, nature, and much much more.

Description: Happy, positive and uplifting instrumental with great mix of acoustic guitar, orchestral elements, snaps, claps, etc.