Description: The rhythmic and cheerful children's song

Description: Hip, full motion, 60's ""B"" movie, orchestral 7/4 time

Description: A happy, happy, happy tune filled with warmth and whimsy.

Description: A very quirky , funny tune , imagine a funny character , perhaps a lost tourist in an unfamiliar country getting in to all sorts of troble walking the foreign streets

Description: Happy, positive and uplifting instrumental with great mix of acoustic guitar, orchestral elements, snaps, claps, etc.

Description: happy, elated,uplifting, positive

Description: A very purposeful and yet elegant orchestral tune full of determination.

Description: A funny and quirky Orchestral Comedy track. With its rhythmic and bouncy Pizzicato Strings, this track is perfect for mysterious Sneaking, Animation and Cartoons, and Comedic Reality Hijinks.

Description: A humorous and animated track in three distinct sections. The first, a chug along bass line with a goofy synth melody, followed by a funky off beat brassy bit and finally a reverent part featuring improvised piano.