Description: A light and lively Dixieland track highlighted by clarinet and trombone supported by brushes and tuba.

Description: A happy track featuring calliope, circus organ and snare.

Description: A lively Dixieland track with marching drums, clarinet, trombone and tuba.

Description: Bouncy, energetic and upbeat in the style of Circus music creates a cheerful and whimsical mood depicting a scene from Pee Wee's Big Adventure.

Description: Playful and quirky featuring Jews Harp with horns and a polka feel creates a whimsical and humorous mood.

Description: a quirky cartoon style ending sequence.

Description: Happy Tune for cartoon donkey or other animal

Description: positive, carefree and happy children's loop. For movies, cartoons, commercials and video games.

Description: action, sci-fi, pad into intense groove to end

Description: dramatic, warm string and percussion bumper