Description: Uplifting piano and happy finger clicks combine to create an energetic, feel good melody designed to provide a joyful sense of friendship and happiness. The track works well for toddler, baby or childrens educational theme or advertisements.

Description: Mischievous wood blocks combine with sweet pizzicato strings and warming brass instrumentation to create a joyful, happy childrens style theme useful for playful, uplifting scenes. Ideal for advertising or commercials for animal themes, baby or toddler.

Description: A silly childrens theme containing many zany, funny and crazy comedy elements provides suitable melody for animation, animal theme or childrens project. The melody implies getting up to mischief, messing around and basically being playful and silly.

Description: Happy and uplifting chimes combine with joyful organ featuring happy hand claps and catchy drums providing a playful energetic theme suitable for childrens or animation project.

Description: A happy and joyful upbeat track featuring bass clarinet and quirky string instrumentation throughout, creating a fast exciting melody designed with catchy, wacky and funny elements to represent simple quirky adverts, children or animal themed projects.

Description: A joyful children's track with happy positive piano, music box and glockenspiel instrumentation. A suitable exciting track for sweet or cute innocent themed projects, maybe involving baby or child advertising. Very loving and warming with many bright happy elements.

Description: Pulsing tuba bass, chirpy piccolo, joyful synth and quirky xylophone create a simple, happy bouncy children's track implying having fun, being bright and cheerful and ultimately being happy. Suitable for advertising to create an uplifting sense of fun. Great as an animal theme or soundtrack!

Description: A quirky combination of instruments including Piano, xylophone, drums, clarinet, flute and jazz guitar create the perfect background track for a funny animated comedy scene or cartoon character. The melody has a cheeky rhythm with elements of class and style, which fits perfectly for funny scenes which may include animal mischief or joyful comedy moments.

Description: Glockenspiel and piano combined with flowing strings and distant electric guitar create a simple, easy and modern melody useful for creative projects and advertising. Very useful for voice over to convey an everyday simplistic advertising theme for a commercial product or service. Also very useful for Children's or animation purposes.

Description: Joyful little children’s ditty with dancing descending melody lines. Has a slight Christmas feel – as though child has seen snow for first time. Traditional instrumentation implying a happy, joyful and exciting theme. Use for animal theme or Children's educational projects.