Description: A light and lively Dixieland track highlighted by clarinet and trombone supported by brushes and tuba.

Description: Nostalgic song, performed by flute, saxophone, violin and more ..

Description: This is an inquisitive quirky piano rag.Ideal for cartoon,commercials,silent film.Kids programming.Shssss whos coming?Silent films.

Description: This fun lighthearted electronica based tune is all about the joy & wonder of a day at the amusement park. A sweet catchy melody on a quirky synth adds the simple yet refined music over a gently swaying groove. Uplifting, adventurous with a focus on lightness for media project, tv, film, radio, ads, Instrumental, Children, Playful Novelty

Description: This is a funny and comical track. great for comedy and humor scenes, spy and detective moods, cartoon and animation videos, funny youtube videos, kids and children projects, amusing and playful backgrounds and much more. orchestration: tuba, pizzicato strings, percussion, bass guitar

Description: Beethoven's Ode to Joy (main theme) played by a couple of talented kids on a glockenspiel, recorder and acoustic guitar

Description: This silly music loop is packed full of wild synths and fun sounds. The music has a quirky and animated sound perfect for indie games, cartoons, children, and more.

Description: Funny track with marimba, brass, strings, bassoon, oboe, percussions and bells. Good for children’s cartoons, games and movies about animals.

Description: This is a funny kids tune featuring a simple 3/4 waltz beat, piano, glockenspiel, marimba, xylophone and acousitc guitars. Great for kids fun, animal mishap, comedy in general and your corporate projects.

Description: This is a simple and sweet instrumental rendition of the Itsy Bitsy Spider with piano, percussion and vibraphone repeated multiple times, but kept interesting with multiple key changes and a slowed down ending.