Description: funny instrumental featuring sound effects and a catchy melody.

Description: Happy and fun music for kids with steeldrums and other fun melodies for cartoons and video games.

Description: A delightfully happy tune about being with your favorite person featuring piano, acoustic guitar, acoustic bass and drums with brushes.

Description: Funny sounds, fun house can-can, jumpin'

Description: Quirky, comical old-school hip hop track with upbeat feel and catchy synths.

Description: This energetic cheerful music with a good happy mood, which contain guitar chords, live rock drums, bass and bells. This track is well suited if you are looking for an optimistic and cheerful music.

Description: The mood is very positive and you would sing it all day. Use it in your commercials, corporate trailer and video.

Description: Good motivated item with acoustic sound! Acoustic guitar, bells, and whistlewill give you a positive tune ;)

Description: This track is perfect for providing a joyful, up tempo vibe for your project.

Description: Quirky arrangement of ukuleles, guitar, percussion, jaw harp and organ suggested to underscore scenes of comedy, irreverence and care-free leisure.