Description: This song is driven by a rhythym piano riff and a jazzy guitar, backing a whistling melody with other various instruments including some vocal ooohs at the end. A little bit sparse and old timey feel, a real toe tapper! This song evokes optimistic and positive feelings, and has a folksy, down to earth, fun feel.

Description: sax and trombone chat in chicken mood.

Description: Sweet and simple banjo melody suited to advert, web promo and will also sync up to visuals if you need an innocent, wholesome vibe. Will work as a simple underscore that will enhance but not detract from the visual.

Description: Quirky, comical old-school hip hop track with upbeat feel and catchy synths.

Description: Upbeat quirky jazz track with piano, bass, horns and drums. Humerous, light-hearted feeling.

Description: Cool Jazzy track with humerous feel. Great for light hearted, childish, comical scene.

Description: Sweet and simple children's tune with bells, percussion, piano and strings. Has a Christmas atmosphere. Childish and innocent.

Description: Lively Mandolin loop featuring mandolin accompanied by banjo, acoustic guitar, bass and drums. Great for kids.

Description: Lighthearted Ukulele loop with whistling. Perfect for children. Or Advertising.

Description: This is wicked squishy for any little snot to get into trouble to. It is rendered as a loop so the energy can last as long as the little rug rats can last