Description: Comical and sneaky orchestral track with tuba, clarinet, bassoon and pizzicato strings playing quirky passages. Great as underscore and in Halloween projects.

Description: Sweet piano chords create a pleasant gentle melody which is backed with trumpet gentle hints of chimes in the background creating a sweet innocent childlike theme tune.

Description: Humerous track with quirky, comical orchestration. Great for children's scene or animation

Description: A goofy, bouncy kids instrumental with lots of funny synth sounds. Medium tempo with a playful mood.

Description: Chirpy xylophone melody and pizzicato strings evoke nutty character on the move encountering various mishaps and adventures. Suitable for cartoons, animations and comedy presentations.

Description: Quirky upbeat track - great for children's or comedy use!

Description: quirky uptempo guitars and improvosational drums. laughing guitar harmonies poke fun at the world.

Description: med silly, fun xylophone, clarinet

Description: Happy Go Lucky, steady, shuffle style theme. Ideal for Slapstick, children, cartoon. Various cuts and mixes available

Description: Move fast - because you have hundreds of electrons coming at you from every direction. Anybody want to win power ball?!