Description: Silly, quirky and jolly theme for tiny tots. Small children will love this unusual novelty track, as it features 'raspberry' and vocal percussion sounds as the rhythm along with jolly synth sounds. Great for pre-school TV channels, cartoons or childrens fun activities. Lots of mixes & stings

Description: Fast, fun and lively circus music - the perfect accompanyment to slapstick clown routines & juggling acts. Crazy, wild and knockabout antics. Takes you right back to that front row seat in the big top. Also great for animal antics, cartoons, children's TV, Out-Takes. Various cuts

Description: Quirky, warm and friendly unusual track composed for commercials. Features synthesized voice effects in a staccato rhythmic style. Really stand out from the crowd with this track. Great for health, children, family products and services. 60sec & 30sec versions

Description: A bouncy, cheery and airy track with some funny sunny elements and a slightly mysterious ilk. Has a solid build up to a catchy piano melody middle section. Possible usage for advertising candy, cars, popcorn products, home leisure, kids clothes, toys, education center. Going to an amusement park.

Description: Nice and romantic cue, played with a Spieluhr, a bender (Lap Steel) and bass. The melody is very simple and smooth. I think the track fits best into corporate projects, animations or a child music project.

Description: Happy & jolly with childlike wonder. Positive, lighthearted and upbeat instrumental track with fun, playful melodic adventures. Suitable music for children educational, tv, animation, presentation, app

Description: An exceptionally strange and stupid track with awkward stupid funny melodies and nothing more. As if respected adult people fooling around as infants. Instruments used in a track are crazy piano and flute, weird synths, "drunk" bass, "lame" drum rythm. Good for anything expressing a complete fooling around or simply for laugh.

Description: A kind, cheerful and lively logo with xylophone, guitar and percussion.

Description: Silly little animated electronic tune. Fast beats with rhythmic dog barking effects and a cute tinker bell tune to keep the pace. Person playing with dogs. Comedy scene where person is being chased by a dog. Fast forward video effects. Running from a swarm of annoying bees or gnats.

Description: A kind and open-hearted melody from childhood.