Description: Happy, contented and carefree silly, comic and child-like tune featuring dog sound effects, flute, strat guitar & piano. Ideal for any dog related commercial or cartoon. 30sec with Fx & 30sec without Fx versions.

Description: Crazy, comic and catchy jingle bed in an uptempo light reggae style. Features synths and keyboards. Great for 30sec commercial, children and cartoon theme.

Description: Classic piano chords and create a steady melody suitable for educational projects for infants or nursery schools.

Description: Stirring and stately orchestral theme-:30 alt

Description: Upbeat triumphant with a happy martial feel-:30 alt

Description: Stirring triumphant orchestral theme-:30 alt

Description: Rustic honky-tonk piano and xylophone blend together to create a sense of wooden surroundings or toys. Towards the middle of the track a more modern piano is introduced to add more melody to the piece, very useful for animals, kids or animation projects.

Description: Light, jolly and perky cartoon or childrens activity. Features lyrical synth lead along with marimba. 30 sec full mix and 30 sec underscore provided

Description: Impressive and stirring achievement theme-:30 alt

Description: Cheeky style children’s track combining light comical style xylophone beats, which build with short bassy Tuba elements creating a mischievous atmosphere of a comical character. Could also suggest time elapsing slowly.