Description: Classic piano chords and create a steady melody suitable for educational projects for infants or nursery schools.

Description: Light childrens tune with bubbly melody, suggesting playful activity. Fragile middle boasts chirpy percussion and electric piano.

Description: Delicate flute swiftly plays throughout with strings in the background to create a pleasant atmosphere suggesting a small animal or summers day in a meadow.

Description: Piccolo and glockenspiel create a delicate musical effect to suggest a playful and fun feel.

Description: Deep bassy trumpet provides a repetitive throbbing beat which is contrasted with sweet xylophone sounds and playful electronic keyboard chords. The track has a huge sense of mysterious playfulness and is very useful for children’s projects or animation.

Description: Bouncy piano chords accompanied by warm loving strings create a delightful, happy and cheerful melody useful for animation or cartoon themes. Designed to bring plenty of warmth, fun and happiness and could be overlaid easily with vocals for childrens sing-along. Great background music that is packed with fun.

Description: Soft keyboard chords combined with clarinet, chimes and occasional string elements create a happy, yet slightly quirky track useful for comic, comedy or animated theme tune. Track features many interesting ups and downs implying mischief and fun.

Description: Sweet piano chords create a pleasant gentle melody which is backed with trumpet gentle hints of chimes in the background creating a sweet innocent childlike theme tune.

Description: Fun and lively childrens track, featuring silly trumpets, banjos and crazy synthetic instruments to create a playful, silly, circus style feel. Very useful for comedy, animation, animal comedy and childrens projects.

Description: Quirky trumpet and electronic retro organ creates a funny playful melody featuring an array of comical sound effects suggesting a clown performance on stage or in a show. Very useful music for scenes of humour, or to imply a quirky, joking style fun element to your project.