Description: playful, jumpy kids piece with silly muted trumpet phrases. Bubbly cheerful melody on xylophone.

Description: Mysterious Harp phrases are played throughout accompanied by strings and flute which play over a medium paced skippy beat. A Pleasant melody with hints of freedom and happiness flowing throughout suggest a joyful journey or travelling.

Description: Joyful style track featuring chimes, trombone, and playful piano combining to create a sense of happiness and joy.

Description: Childish cascading piano and flute melodies bubble merrily over light instrumental background. Very playful and innocent. Ideal for children's media, cartoons and advertising.

Description: An exceptionally strange and stupid track with awkward stupid funny melodies and nothing more. As if respected adult people fooling around as infants. Instruments used in a track are crazy piano and flute, weird synths, "drunk" bass, "lame" drum rythm. Good for anything expressing a complete fooling around or simply for laugh.

Description: Upbeat triumphant with a happy martial feel-:60

Description: Bright piano chords combine with synth to create a bright, colourful tune that suggests a beautiful morning or new start to the day.

Description: strong, determined, cautious, adventurous

Description: Charming, kids piece with silly retro synth slurs suggests the up and down movement of old-style fairground carousel ride.

Description: Comical and sneaky orchestral track with tuba, clarinet, bassoon and pizzicato strings playing quirky passages. Great as underscore and in Halloween projects.