Description: Happy funny bright music for kids show

Description: Well suited for the comic scenes. Easy funny and rhythmic music.

Description: Chill guitar and piano with a very hip hop drummer

Description: The classic children's sing along done in a modern techno beat with electronic pads, harp arpeggios, piano, and electronic percussion. Have some fun with a pop dance twist!

Description: A fun and bouncy dance tune based around a percussive xylophone melody supported by bassoon, accordion and percussion.

Description: A short 1970's disco tune with all the archetypal elements including swooping strings, slap bass, funky organ, chunking guitar and extra percussion. Structured around a simple ABA format with middle section.

Description: A lightweight 90's-style kids dance track with all the energy of a pumping 4-to-the-floor track but with child-friendly instrumentation.

Description: A short music box waltz suitable for a children's or nostalgic project.

Description: Tiny tots and toys marching style children's theme. Proud, great fun and confident, if a little clumsy, with two left feet. Featuring synth lead, with marimba, bassoon, and flutes. Great for Children's TV, children's games, Cartoons and commercials. Main 60sec mix and 30sec versions

Description: Catchy, happy-go-lucky, care-free whistle along style track for commercials. Perfect for family, lifestyle, good living, wholesome and healthy products. Features happy whistling, acoustic guitars, cavaquinho, glockenspiel, finger snaps and shaker. 60sec, 30sec with whistle and 30sec without whistle versions.