Description: This fun spirited music is a bright mix of child like innocence and simple fun. The piano plays out a happy melody while the minimal percussion and pads set the mood. Whether its for children, ads, cartoons, animations, or more; this track is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Description: This bright children's music combines a light style with an optimistic spirit. The bell melodies dance as the bass and drums provide an upbeat vibe. This music works great for a wide variety of projects including animation, children, ads and much more.

Description: Mirthful, whimsical and full of character, this quirky light orchestral piece is ideal for comedy. Inspired by Tchiakovsky's 'Dance of the Mirlitons', this comical theme is perfect for children's TV, slapstick, comedy & commercials. Features pizzicato strings, woodwinds & xylophone. Main, 60sec & 30sec plus underscores

Description: Exciting, sprightly and propulsive music track featuring piano, xylophone, glockenspiel, pizzicato strings and different percussion. Creative, positive and happy piece with catchy melody lines perfect for commercials, advertising, TV, film, radio, YouTube videos, childrens videos, cartoons, and much more. Simple and uplifting music that will bring success to your great projects.

Description: This silly music loop is packed full of wild synths and fun sounds. The music has a quirky and animated sound perfect for indie games, cartoons, children, and more.

Description: Easy Walking it is a bouncy, quirky and positive track, happy melody with ukulele, acoustic guitar, claps, tambourines, bells, piano, simple drums. Perfect for background music, presentations, enterprises, podcasts, inspiring corporate video, YouTube montages and more.

Description: Comedy. Funny, Sarcastic/Mocking, Moving/Driving, Quirky/Bizarre. Percussive Instruments, Accordion. Comedy/Humour/Sitcom, Cartoons with French twist

Description: Акустическая состав пианино для вашего projects.Perfect для рекламных роликов, рекламных проектов, Документальные, романтических сцен фильма, личных проектов и т.д.

Description: Comic and funny breakbeat track. Funky drum groove features some vintage brass stabs and hits, as well as human voices in the background along with an electric guitar. Could be useful in any comic scene, animation video.

Description: Catchy, fun, out-going, jolly childrens or cartoon theme. A real foot-tapper, one of those tunes that just goes round in your head. Features gritty expressive synth leads, ukelele, flute, percussion and a rip roaring bass line in different movements. Main mix, 60sec and 30sec versions