Description: That tune will put a smile on your face. Playful pizzicato strings have a duet with pleasant Fender Rhodes keys. A jazzy tune for a cartoon or a video game for children

Description: Quirky, comical old-school hip hop track with upbeat feel and catchy synths.

Description: A special track for special needs. Friendly and warm sound with a catchy melody. Brings a smooth and easy mood into your project.

Description: A very quirky yet beautiful waltz filled with naïve energy and desires featuring electric piano, alto flute, electric bass, acoustic guitar, steel drums, mandolin, muted trumpet, drums and percussion.

Description: This song is driven by a rhythym piano riff and a jazzy guitar, backing a whistling melody with other various instruments including some vocal ooohs at the end. A little bit sparse and old timey feel, a real toe tapper! This song evokes optimistic and positive feelings, and has a folksy, down to earth, fun feel.

Description: A bouncy, cheery and airy track with some funny sunny elements and a slightly mysterious ilk. Has a solid build up to a catchy piano melody middle section. Possible usage for advertising candy, cars, popcorn products, home leisure, kids clothes, toys, education center. Going to an amusement park.

Description: Cute, playful, children's style piece with skippy piano and pizzicato strings melody over angelic voices. Has light, mechanical feel, percussion suggesting a background clock or time ticking by. Useful for pre-school presentations, advertising baby/children's products.

Description: Quirky, fun, unusual and unique, this track is a wildcard in the pack. If you want to stand out with a soundtrack that is unlike most others you'll find but need a comedic feel to your production then this track is perfect for your needs. Drunken Sailor is an upbeat, positive and quirky orchestral comedy jazz track that sways and swaggers along. Lots of edit points so you can chop it up to fit your needs. Medium to fast tempo and good for use in a variety of contexts.

Description: action, aggression, determined, stubborn

Description: Positive a fun 8-bit gaming music. It seems that this is the soundtrack to the new version “Mario”! Any kid are play the gamewith such music. She charges us a positive and returns during the consoles when we were children. We happy to play 8-bit games! We become super-heroes, when we pass the entire game! In this music all instrementy 8-bit, they passed games atmosphere. Sound very energetic and stylish. This track is 100% children! the Children will be happy play and have fun to this music. This track can sound anywhere: computer – game, game console the cartoon children movie to children transfer for games channel on the Internet on baby the occasion. go Back to your childhood with our 8-bit game!

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