Description: Charming and lovely, plinky plonky and playful, ideal for a small childrens or cartoon theme. Full mix, underscore, 30 and 08 sec versions available.

Description: Humerous track with quirky, comical orchestration. Great for children's scene or animation

Description: Delightful and playful music with a neo-classical arrangement reflecting the carefree fun of youthfulness. Designed for children’s programming, wildlife documentaries, nature shows and Disney-like productions.

Description: Upbeat fun electronic music with the distinct sounds of 80s arcade games. Light hearted, with a whimsical and fun mood it features a simple and catchy melody played on several different electronic synths that are typical of the 80s era of computer game music.

Description: Fun, Odd, bouncy, quirky instrumental with a catchy human whistle.

Description: Ambient island style track with cool modern feel

Description: Fun, fast and full of 80's game console nostalgia! This 8-bit or chiptune style track features all the high energy and fun sounds of those days. With its fast tempo and ultra happy mood, it would suit fast motion, comedic action type footage or a fast paced tech tutorial.

Description: Bouncy, fun, quirky song with human whistle lead.

Description: Quirky upbeat track - great for children's or comedy use!

Description: Capture the mood and sounds of 90s techno game music with this electronic track. It features synths, a techno beat and a simple and fun sounding melody. Fast, light and super happy - perfect for a tech type video, app game or retro project!

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