Description: A Ukulele song logo for advertising, commercials, web series with a good vibes for great project! Very positive, joyful and children heart feeling song. Use it for Kids Show. Let’s have a good morning and a great day! ;)

Description: Short Children’s track very useful for Tv theme or logo featuring playful toy piano and cheeky wooden blocks.

Description: a quirky cartoon style ending sequence.

Description: Hi! This track is a short-length version of my track - "Play with me". You can also find full file, medium length - , and looped versions. Open your rise, get up early and come play together! Shiny, smily and happy song for your blog's video, advertise or family video. Enjoy and don't forget your friends! =) Featured piano, Ukulele, Glockenspiel, bells, drums, upright bass, shaker egg, chimes, and little bit percussion. Also this track has short and medium versions, and not boring loop. Hope You'll enjoy. See you!

Description: a happy slice -- good intro for kids stuff.

Description: Catchy, happy, innocent and playful contemporary quirky folk theme. Full mix, underscore, 30 and 08 sec versions

Description: Chirpy and playful instruments such as piccolo, xylophone and chimes create a perky and chirpy childrens loop. Acoustic bass melody carries the delicate childrens theme to a magical place which could suggest a baby, small animal, children playful or enjoying themselves.

Description: Happy Tune for cartoon donkey or other animal

Description: This is a simple and sweet instrumental rendition of the Itsy Bitsy Spider with piano, percussion and vibraphone repeated multiple times, but kept interesting with multiple key changes and a slowed down ending.

Description: sax and trombone chat in chicken mood.

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