Description: A SteamPunk inspired song for kids. It still has the basics of the genre too it, without being too electronic. Upbeat, with some clock ringing, winding, and ticking. It has a very simple and common melody feel to it, done in SteamPunk fashion. A fun little ditty.

Description: Not exactly a waltz but a fun little song in 3/4 time. The lyrics that I had in mind involved cleanup at the end of play time. A silly song with a solid structure to it, and a bridge included. Perfect for a kids program live or animation. Would be great as a reoccurring song whenever the characters pick up, travel, or follow instructions. (1:44)

Description: This is a loop that I had imagined to be a song explaining the primary colors. It sounds way slower than its BPM. It would be great for numerous situations. For intros, filler, app/video games, background video music for involving a production line, or even a kids song.