Description: Playful and warm, featuring electric piano, TR- 808 claps, glockenspiel and synths that create a joyful and carefree mood.

Description: Cheerful and joyful track with piano, bass, jazz guitar, xylophone and percussions.

Description: Positive rhythmic track with grand piano, bass, synthesizer, jazz guitar, tenor sax and drums. Light-hearted and warm.

Description: Cheerful, happy and lighthearted track features innocent piano, bell and light percussion. Great for children, or family themes.

Description: Funny and happy track with jazz guitar, jazz organ, bells, piano, bass guitar, synthesizer and light drums. Can be used for kids, pets, babies, nature or comedic content.

Description: Happy and sunny rhythmic track for childrens and family themes. Great for video, cartoons, advertising, tv show and more.

Description: Happy and warm children's track with piano, glockenspiel and light drums. Colorful, warm and lighthearted.

Description: Light and playful, featuring rhythmic piano, carefree glockenspiel and electronic whistle. Good background for childrens and humorous themes.

Description: Light and friendly, featuring an carefree melody, pizzicato strings, glockenspiel and a bouncy piano that creates a happy mood.

Description: Happy and cheerful children's track with piano, warm synthesizer, bells, digital bass and light drums. Colorful, warm and lighthearted.

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