Description: Created with strummed acoustic guitar, ukulele, choppy piano, bass, a driving drum beat, some short “la la las” and of course, cheerful whistling, this song lets you close your eyes imagine that you are casting off into the big blue! Perfect for background music for personal or corporate presentations, webcasts, radio, television, or any other kind of advertising. This song does not loop but a looped version can be made available upon request

Description: a light-hearted comedy piece with simple rhythm, peaceful, curious and innocent mood.

Description: Fast Silly, fun Organ, Trumpet Circus

Description: Featuring a simple acoustic melody, this song is all about being cheerful and bouncy. This would be perfect for a presentation that requires a childlike and innocent feel – it’s very fun and upbeat!

Description: Children, Western, Western, Happy, Fun, Feel Good, Bouncy, Cheery, Childlike, in a Happy, Fun, Playful mood, featuring Drums, Guitar, Whistle, with a Mid tempo

Description: Children, Comedy, Comedy-Cartoon, Comedy-Slapstick, Vaudeville, Circus, Comedy-Light Hearted, Positive, Pleasant, Comedic, Rambunctious, Electronic, Fun, Humor, Happy, Feel Good, Uplifting, Crazy, Zany, Hi Energy, Slapstick, Nostalgic, in a Fun, Happy, Playful, Positive, Humorous, Exciting, Energetic mood, featuring Brass Band, Synth, with a Fast, Very Fast tempo

Description: A happy, motivational and cheerful acoustic track with a catchy glockenspiel melody over an uplifting groove, fun hand claps and an upbeat vibe. Perfect instrumental background music for videos, commercials and advertising, YouTube videos, corporate presentations and more.

Description: A cheeky little ukulele tune with a happy whistling melody. It expresses a care free mood of not a worry in the world. This would be suited to your t.v commercials, youtube video, children programs, or a creative visual project needing that little sparkle and fun loving vibes.

Description: Gentle funny piano theme with melodic percussion accents with sudden ending

Description: Med Silly, Fun organ, trumpet Circus

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