Description: Layered Marimba, xylophone and other percussive sounds in a seamless loop.

Description: Rock, Rock-Pop, Children, Light, Cheery, Pleasant, Positive, Feel Good, Struttin, Fun, Groovy, Hi Energy, Warm, in a Fun, Happy, Positive mood, featuring Bass, Drums, Guitar, Acoustic, Vocals, Male, with a Mid tempo

Description: Children, Childlike, Peaceful, Relaxed, Reflective, Gentle, Tender, Delicate, in a Reflective mood, featuring Piano, with a Slow tempo

Description: Nice song for children with orchestral arrangement , also suitable for the Christmas period .

Description: Children, Circus, Comedy, Comedy-Slapstick, Active, Bright, Campy, Carefree, Cheery, Comedic, Zany, Wild, Humor, Fun, Happy, Whimsical, in a Playful, Happy, Fun mood, featuring Drums, Tuba, with a Fast tempo

Description: Children, Ethnic, Ethnic-England, Bold, Carefree, Charming, Confident, Comedic, Festive, Flowing, Fun, Kitsch, Campy, Pleasant, Quirky, in a Fun, Playful mood, featuring Accordion, Bass, Tambourine, with a Mid tempo

Description: Children, Western, Western, Traveling, Struttin, Fun, Feel Good, Childlike, in a Fun, Happy mood, featuring Guitar, Bass, Banjo, Harmonica, with a Mid tempo

Description: Children, Humor, Comedic, Mysterious, Automated, Electronic, in a Humorous mood, featuring Synth, Piano, Woodwinds, Bells, with a Mid tempo

Description: Children, Comedy, Comedy-Light Hearted, Campy, Childlike, Simple, in a Fun mood, featuring Guitar, Acoustic, with a Slow tempo

Description: Children, Specialty, Comedy, Childlike, Western, in a Playful mood, featuring Guitar, with a Slow, Varied tempo