Description: New School instrumental featuring various brass and synths. Possible uses can range from euphoric scenes, web videos, trailers, etc.

Description: Motivational and Uplifting corporate music track that evokes the feeling of success, growth, hope and accomplishment. Great for Business presentations, corporate videos, commercials and innovative product promos.

Description: Children, Comedy, Comedy-Cartoon, Comedy-Slapstick, Vaudeville, Circus, Comedy-Light Hearted, Positive, Pleasant, Comedic, Rambunctious, Electronic, Fun, Humor, Happy, Feel Good, Uplifting, Crazy, Zany, Hi Energy, Slapstick, Nostalgic, in a Fun, Happy, Playful, Positive, Humorous, Exciting, Energetic mood, featuring Brass Band, Synth, with a Fast, Very Fast tempo

Description: This is a positive, cheerful music. Suitable for advertising, web design, video games and more video.

Description: Bright, breezy children's tune with joyous cascading xylophone melody and silly, slurred retro synthesizer. Suitable for kids media/cartoons.

Description: A happy, summer, acoustic, energetic, upbeat, fun, optimistic, fresh, carefree, bouncy, cheerful, joyful track with a light, uplifting, positive, catchy sound.

Description: Upbeat, happy, positive and uplifting instrumental with great mix ukulele, acoustic guitar, whistle, snaps, claps, etc. Happy and motivational. Great for video and documentaries, corporate branding, ad campaigns, technology, business development, science documentary, website, tv show, etc.

Description: This is a very fun playful children's music. Under her want to dance provocatively, fooling around and grimacing. The main solo instrument - a mouth, which depicts a trumpet. For it makes us smile and be happy. Ringing fervently ukulele strumming accompanying comical tube. Soft as a spring bass jumping to the music, playing banjo bright quick search, clapping rhythmically discourage per share, perky whistle echoed by the main melody of the mouth. In the final part of the fun come the drums. They add activity and vigor. Xylophone easily plays up in the background. This song is perfect for the video: children's holiday, a family, a slide show, a funny video of your pet. For entertainment channel on the Internet. For the video of your holiday, vacation.

Description: FAlways Sunshine has a playful, fun mood perfect for kids media. The ukulele rhythm is lively and fast accompanied by a simple and memorable melody played on piano and music box. An up tempo drum groove and country style bass provide energy and a pleasant vibe.

Description: A catchy, upbeat and optimistic song featuring piano, ukulele, bells, claps and more. It evokes a sense of joyful optimism and has a modern and sophisticated sound that would be perfect for advertisements, podcasts, presentations, inspirational corporate videos, background music for youtube videos, Vimeo projects and more. Wide range of uses here - productions about children, new products, romance, science & technology, humanity, world harmony, etc