Description: Rhythmic swing track. This music perfectly conveys the mood of the 40s 50s.

Description: This positive track that brings inspiration into your life. Includes bass guitar, glockenspiel, piano, electric piano and synth. Good for background music in advertising, YouTube videos and many of your projects.

Description: This track perfectly captures the the magic of Halloween night. It is very atmospheric and mysterious, funny and spooky. There were used tools like the harpsichord, bassoon, harmonic, violin, glockenspiel, mallets, some of the sounds of children's laughter, howling wolf, ghost voices.

Description: An epic, dramatic and powerful cinematic track suitable for movie trailers, video games, video game montages, sports videos, commercials and more.

Description: Emotsional is a track that creates a sentimental, sometimes pathetic feeling. It contains a piano, brass section, strings.

Description: It is very atmospheric track, it combines old school drum and bass and the impact of modern deep tehstep and neuropunk elements.

Description: Modern trap beat. It’s a perfect track for dance parties, fashion advertising or party videos.

Description: This is the bouncy track, which brings a smile to your face, and make you move to the beat. Includes a ukulele strum , hand claps, bells and vibraphone. Perfectly suitable to emphasize the atmosphere of freshness, activity, movement, and vivacity. Excellent serves for creating a positive perception in corporate videos, websites,text animations, commercials and more.

Description: It's a blues rock piece with a harsh slide guitar sound reminiscent of 80's power blues song.

Description: instrumental, electric guitars, rock, retro, light rock, bouncy, carefree, determined, driving, energetic, excited, enthusiastic, fun, feelgood, good mood, happy, inspired, joyful, lively, motivational, motivated, optimistic, positive, playful, retro, spirited, inspirational, corporate, upbeat, uplifting, sunny, lighthearted, hopeful, friendship, reality tv, commercial, pleased, new beginnings, moving forward, achievement, successful, adventurous, lifestyle, peppy, catchy