Description: Cool retro surf blues rock instrumental. Authentic guitars, appropriate production for the era. A feel of determination confidence with an edge. Catchy upbeat fun. Good for moderate action attitude hot rods motorcycles roadhouse road trip cars trucks commercials tv.

Description: Texas blues. A catchy medium tempo driving guitar groove with a swing feel, a touch of swagger and a little sexy. Get down and raw. A simple composition that makes this an excellent background track for visual media support. Clean punchy electric guitar, solid bass and drum groove.

Description: Electric blues rock instrumental, an edgy cool sexy sultry crawling feel.

Description: Blues music track for a movie about spies and adventures. This secret agent theme is also great for a video game, tv series, commercial and other media project. Positive piece that creates the image of an elegant intelligent gentleman in a good suit who knows how to handle a gun. The instrument here are drums, bass, piano, vibes and strings.

Description: Moody blues song with male vocal and rain in the background

Description: Bluesy,'60 instrumental track, hammond solo

Description: Electric blues guitar duo instrumental with an edge. Medium slow. A sense of suspense, anticipation, contemplating with what may be coming. One guitar with a signature riff and second guitar with tasty licks.

Description: Instrumental. Energetic upbeat electric blues rock. Based upon a popular blues lick. A sense of action determination bold attitude confrontation power confidence. Solid groove of rhythm guitar, bass and drums, searing lead guitar. A call and answer sound.

Description: Positive feelgood blues instrumental with a smooth cool easy cruising sound and feel, tasty electric guitar licks with a steady rhythm and beat of rhythm guitar, drums and bass.

Description: Retro electric Delta Blues, production to match the era, electric slide guitar, rhythm guitar, bass, drums, an easy going heartfelt sound with a little punch, a little sexy too!