Description: Raw Blues Guitar tracks dedicated to one of my guitar favorites, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and a few of his mentors, Albert King, B B King just to name a few. No holds bar, Lead guitar, drums, bass, rhythm guitar on the jam. Television Advertisement, BBQ On Hold music, Down Home Texas Blues

Description: Familiar blues progression but with a unique banjo tone.

Description: Old School Vintage style blues rock song with a swung drum beat and catchy lead.

Description: A classic sounding blues tune with a catchy solo

Description: A classic sounding blues tune with a catchy solo

Description: Laid back retro sounding jazz blues song.Ideal nightlife background.

Description: This is Cool Chillout Blues track. Cool and mystical. Real electric guitar sound, smooth bass, easy drums and warm organ pads. Best for commercial, advertisment, presentations, upbeat optimistic videos and much more

Description: Breaking Down The Blues doesn't mess around. It kicks off with a rocking electric guitar riff and leads into a good old blues rock jam. Classic bluesy harmonica solos, sizzling electric guitar leads, and tickled ivories come together with a solid rhythm and blues backing band to create the perfect blues band experience. Perfect for any videos or projects in need of a standard, but high quality, blues rock song. Being just an instrumental song also leaves room for vocals to be added for any shows in need of a featured "blues band" with specific lyrics added

Description: Summer house groove for your projects.

Description: Blues Harmonica, Free-wheelin traveling music, attitude, confident gritty, Sexy, Humid, Macho