Description: Quicker, more energetic loop in a bluesy style

Description: Looping music in a basic blues riff

Description: An electric classic blues jam with funky drums and energetic guitar riffs and solos. Use this looped audio theme in movies or adverts that show bikers, bars, wild lifestyle, drinking and fighting.

Description: A swampy, bluesy acoustic guitar tune with upright bass, bongos and shaker. Reminiscent of deep south New Orleans bayou/swamp mood. Dark and bright sections. Full song version also available with ending section.

Description: A swampy blues song with acoustic guitar picking plays a funky and loose improv loop. Upright bass, shakers and tambourine round it out. A version with Intro and ending is also available.

Description: A gentle, sensual blues song with a melancholic guitar solo that makes the listener fall deep into his/hers inner world of feelings. Use for projects that want to show solidarity and loneliness. It can also be used to show something sensual and cinematic.

Description: Blues songs performed by jazz ensemble. A small loop for the start in the cinema, video, game, etc.