Description: Old style Mississippi Delta blues slide guitar in open G tuning. Can be looped seamlessly.

Description: hard driving acoustic country blues number using tuned down guitar. Comes with an upbeat attitude.

Description: Raw gritty blues tune influenced by African scales. A solid rhythm lays the foundation as the guitar leads build up around it.

Description: A steady rhythm blues rock song with a country swing. It projects an upbeat confident tone throughout using acoustic and electric guitars as well as percussion and bass.

Description: Old style blues guitar using open tunings. It's got a rough and ready approach. Uses a memorable slide guitar riff.

Description: Hard hitting acoustic bluegrass tune using a simple but memorable riff and slide guitar. Very raw feel to it.

Description: Slow burning blues song using acoustic guitar, with a slide. Cool and consistent.

Description: Desert blues song that's heavy rhythm orientatied as well as letting the guitar solos ramble on freely. Very cool and relaxed at the same time. In the key of D minor.